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How Long Should My Exterior Paint Job Last?

01 Jun Posted by Chris in News | Comments
How Long Should My Exterior Paint Job Last?

Almost every homeowner we talk to when we discuss their exterior painting project wants to know the answer to this question, “How long should my paint job last?” It is a great question and we have an answer. It ultimately depends on a few things: where you live, what paint products you use and the type of home you have (Stucco or Wood Siding).

Stucco Surfaces

Typically we’ve seen painted stucco last anywhere from 7-10 years. After about 7 years you will typically see signs of aging and what is known as “chalking.” If you rub your fingers over the surfaces and you have a layer of “chalk” then it may be time to paint. Don’t get chalk confused for dirt. If the chalk is not bad, a simple power-washing can typically help you get another year or two out of your painted stucco. 

Wood Surfaces Inland

A painted wood surface facing the sun most of the day will last anywhere from 3-5 years before needing a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes the entire house may not need repainting within this time period. If you keep up on it, a quick fresh coat will keep from your surfaces peeling and wood rot down the road. We offer home maintenance programs to help keep your home looking its best. It is always cheaper in the long run to maintain your wood surfaces rather than calling a painter after 8-10 years when the paint is cracked and popped off. The less sanding and prep work the better!

Wood Surfaces Coastal

If you live on or close to the beach, your home will really take a beating. The salt and moisture in the air does not help your paint job. If you are within a mile or two from the ocean, we’d strongly recommend an annual inspection of your property to avoid major repairs. Even with some of the best products available on the market, you can expect your wood surfaces to start showing their age in as little as just 1 year. Now again, this is all depending on how close your home is to the ocean and how much wood or stucco surfaces you have on your home. If the wood surfaces are facing North, the paint job will look pretty good but may attract some mildew. If the wood surfaces are facing West or South, a yearly touch up is best. The areas you will see the most wear and tear would be the window and door sills along with thresholds. We’d also recommend a premium house paint only: such as Benjamin Moore Aura.

Stucco Surfaces Coastal

Stucco is still one of the best products to have if you live on the coast. It is usually recommended to use a high quality elastomeric (waterproof) paint if you are right on the water, and if you are close a premium acrylic will do the job. Even with a good waterproof coating, stucco begins to showing its age within 1-2 years on the oceanfront properties and 3-4 years in other parts of the Coastal Los Angeles areas.  

Clean Lines Custom Painting is here to answer any questions you have about your home and the painted surfaces. We recommend using premium paints on most surfaces. We are here when you need us, and we will always give you an honest answer.


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